Short Stories

Below are some of the short stories and poetry I have written over the few years. Nelia and Dyer both take place within the same universe. This universe is one which I have developing for nine years and is the basis for most of my short stories and a series of books I am currently writing. An older version of Nelia was featured in the Fall 2016 edition of The Short Vine Literacy Journal, The University of Cincinnati's student journal. Since then, I have changed the story so that it flows better and is canon to my universe. 

  • Oradour sur Glane

    Set in Nazi occupied France during WWII, this story follows a young girl's quest to survive during the Nazi's retaliation after D-Day. Based on a true story.

  • The Stream

    There were happy times before the war, times before the boy cowered in his closest during the air raids, now there's only fragmented memories binding him to the past he cannot forget.

  • Dominance

    The only thing worse than a battle with an outside force is a battle within yourself.

  • Joy


  • Nelia: An Abernoth Story

    Everyone has two sides: the side they allow everyone to see, to touch, to love; and the side which they lock away from others, even themselves.

  • Mutterseelenallein

    German. Adjective. Translation = all alone

  • The House on the Hill

    Some houses are best left alone, especially if invited over for dinner.

  • Hope

    Even the smallest of things can be a beacon of hope.